Covid-19 Notifications

The Boma's Covid-19 Safe Shopping Guidelines

The Boma welcomes our new freedom, however we are very keen to keep our clients and our staff safe.

Whilst it is not necessary to wear a mask in our outside plant areas we would appreciate your wearing a mask inside our shop particularly when it is busy.

Social distancing would also be appreciated. 

All visitors are asked to sanitise your hands with the sanitiser we provide.

Our deliveries are contact-free and to your front door only.

Please note: Weekends are our peak busy period, we would encourage you to arrive at least an hour before our closing time to allow yourself sufficient shopping time.

Our Garden Services teams
  • Are working in gardens, being careful to socially distance.

  • They have masks and gloves available to enter through your house if necessary.

  • We ask our clients to preferably remain away from the garden whilst we are working in it