October Gardening Tips

 1.       Cut down Jerusalem Artichokes. Harvesting any tubers you find as any left behind will grow into a plant next year.
2.       Remove yellow leaves from Brassicas, Sprouts, Cabbage, Cauliflower and Broccoli as they serve no purpose and encourage diseases.
3.       Plant out Onion sets, spring Cabbage, winter Lettuce and overwintering Broad Beans and Garlic.
4.       Dig over any empty veg beds and incorporate some compost or manure.
5.       Harvest the last of the Raspberries, Apples and Pears, leaving bruised fallen fruits on the ground for the birds.
6.       Fill birdfeeders with a good quality bird seed mix or peanuts and suet balls. Removing any mesh as birds can get their beaks and feet entangled.
7.       Move any evergreen shrubs which are in the wrong place, digging in lots of organic matter.
8.       Prune tall shrubs like Lavatera and Buddleja by half to prevent windrock.
9.       Keep mowing lawns fortnightly with the blades set on high.
10.   Finish planting Narcissi and crocus bulbs now. Leave tulips till November. Ensure the tips are facing up.
11.   Start new meadows now by preparing the ground and sowing seeds for a display next year.
12.   Clean out and wash greenhouses.


'Once more the liberal year laughs out

O'er richer stores than gems or gold

Once more with harvest song and shout

Is natures boldest triumph told.'